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Fire damage is always more than can be seen on the surface, with ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, fixtures, and more. Flames, heat, moisture, soot, and smoke destroy and damage electrical systems, HVAC systems, and structural integrity. These complexities are the reason you need a professional to navigate the cleanup and restoration, it’s simply more than a typical homeowner or contractor can manage.

Franchise Restoration has helped countless families and property owners restore their lives from the aftermath of fire damage. We invest in our technicians and staff with continued education, training, and development, to bring our clients the assurance they expect with the latest equipment, technology, and processes to restore property and possessions. Our company delivers confidence and expertise, so our clients have less to worry about with our one-stop-shop services.

You can take a deep breath and trust that Franchise Restoration is the right choice to complete your job with expertise and professionalism, so your life can get back on track as quickly as possible.


Our Fire Damage Restoration Process:

Examine & Evaluate

When disaster hits and life becomes chaotic, the last thing you need are delays from the service professionals. Our teams are at the ready for a 24/7/365 response to assess the damage and prepare the restoration plan with you.

Secure the Property

Our staff is trained to secure your property to avoid further compromise, through board-up or tarping (as necessary) of windows, walls, doors, or the roof of the home.

Content Cleaning, Pack-Out, Inventory Services, and Storage

The professional and careful cleaning and packing of the remaining household belongings is a priority for our staff as well. We are committed to ensuring that your belongings are returned to you safely.

Debris Removal & Cleanup

All debris and damaged materials are removed from the property and the remaining surfaces professionally cleaned.

Odor Removal

Smoke is only one of the odors that need to be removed after a fire. Fire causes toxic fumes to be released from materials as they melt and burn. Treatment with our professional equipment can effectively remove those odors that are not only a nuisance but unhealthy to inhale.

Renew, Rebuild and Restore

Every situation is different, but we are prepared to complete the necessary repairs and reconstruction for your individual situation, returning your property in a condition as good or better than before the disaster.

Postfire Full-Service Repair and Reconstruction

Franchise Restoration can rebuild all areas of a residential project to return the home to its prior condition, or better. We staff a team of structural specialists to ensure that any structural damage from a fire is removed and restored in excellence. You can be confident in our services and the care we will give to your property, treating it as if it were our own.

Content Cleaning, Pack-Out, Inventory Services, and Storage

Heat, soot, smoke, fire, and water all damage property in a fire incident. The contents of your home (furniture, décor, and valuables to name a few) are at risk; therefore, we take a thorough inventory as we go. Our content pack-out procedure secures your possessions. We attempt to restore your contents on site, but when the extent of damage requires more, we take your belongings off-site to restore them properly. As a part of our staff training, we equip each member of the team to take inventory, handle, clean, pack, and store your cherished possessions. Our detailed oriented process will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Our Pack-out and Restoration Process:

Careful inventory, handling, and storage of your belongings.

Inventory management, providing the client with an itemized list.

Safe transportation and storage in a climate-controlled storage facility.

Cleaning, deodorization, and restoration of all items.

Documentation, tracking and communication with the client throughout the process.

Easy access to belongings at all times, if needed.

Successful and safe return of itemized list to your home.

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